Experience - ELA face recognition lock


Face recognition creates new experience of safe households

01/ Access entry

An age of face swipe, your face is the password

ELA has 15 years’ experience in the development and application of the face recognition technology。 It scans, analyzes and validates the features of face from point and line to plane through independent algorithm, creating a unique password。 ELA face recognition lock can store 100 faces and satisfy the quantity needs of various application scenarios such as households。

02/ Biological detection

You are the one in my eyes

ELA face recognition lock adopts the biological detection technology, which can identify whether the user is a real human being, effectively preventing fraudulent behaviors, such as photos, videos or static simulations。 Only a real human being can be recognized and validated for the unlocking。

03/ Matching of faces

Precise recognition, adaptable to scenarios

The in-depth learning technology allows the precise matching of the recorded portrait data password entered by the user and the current person to be recognized, deciding whether the identities match each other. The accuracy for face matching reaches as much as 99.5%. It is able to distinguish twins and can perform precise recognition regardless of complicated conditions such as lighting conditions, ages, make-ups and glasses.

04/ Result validation

Human-machine interactions, awesome experience

From the recognition to the validation, with ELA face recognition lock, all it takes is just within a blink。 The voice and image prompts and the noncontact minimalist operations allow you to enjoy the awesome experience of swiping your face。 Above all, it realizes the upgrading of security by leaps and bounds。

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